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Macrophages II

Posted: Fri Sep 14, 2018 12:21 am
by Nayus
Macrophages II

Difficulty: Undergrad

Progress: Optional Challenge

Description: Can you get 650 cells on the same substrate as Macrophages?
Now you have access to Flagellocytes in the experimental lab, but in this challenge we still work with the same restrictions as the previous challenge to see if we can optimize our organism without Flagellocytes.
You can always skip this challenge and go directly to Macrophages III where you can use Flagellocytes if you like.

Win Conditions: 650 User Cells or more

Hint: The properties Split angle and Split mass might be useful to solve this challenge. The cells spread more efficiently if they don't end up on a line.

General Strategy:
Use some of the optimization techniques from the previous challenges with the addition of changing the Split and Child Angles to get a Macrophage that covers more space with each split.

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