Macrophages III

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Macrophages III

Post by Nayus » Fri Sep 14, 2018 2:06 am

Macrophages III

Difficulty: Undergrad

Progress: Unlocks gene Lipocyte and further challenges

Description: We are going to try to use your new cell, the Flagellocyte, for this challenge. This cell can not gain energy from the environment, but it can swim! Note that this cell immediately dies if attached to another cell such that the flagellum is obstructed.
The viscosity of this substrate is higher than in the previous Macrophages challenges. Can you nevertheless make a species multiply to 420 cells?

Win Conditions: Insert 10 Cells or less and get 420 or more cells.

Hint: To solve this challenge you will need your organism's life cycle to include three different modes.
Ticking Contaminate with random cells in experimental mode and running for a little while might give you some ideas on how to solve this challenge.

Have mode 1 split to mode 2 and 3.
Have mode 3 split to 3 and 1.
Let mode 1 and 3 be Phagocytes and mode 2 Flagellocyte.
Tick Make Adhesin for mode 1.
Note that this is one among many different ways to solve this challenge.

Solution: Any decent Basic Swimmer should do the job

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