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Macrophages IV

Posted: Fri Sep 14, 2018 2:13 am
by Nayus
Macrophages IV

Difficulty: PhD

Progress: Optional Challenge

Description: The environment of this challenge is less friendly than the previous one. Can you nevertheless get 300 cells?
This requires some serious optimization of your cells. Note that all challenges do not have to be solved to progress in the game

Win Conditions: 300 or more User cells with 30 or less inserted

Hint: Having trouble solving some of the challenges and need some inspiration? Let evolution do the job for you! Go to the Challenges tab of the main menu and make a long press on this challenge to open it in experimental mode. Put the solution you found in Macrophages III on the substrate (you can save and load genomes in the genome editor).
Now start the simulation and you should have some cells multiplying in the environment. If you now increase the radiation level from 0 to slightly above 0 the cells will start mutating and soon you will have more cells than you started with since they have adapted to their environment. Once they reach the required limit you can copy a cell to the genome editor, save it, and use it in this challenge

General Strategy: Optimize the solution of Macrophages III. Split Angles, Split Ratios, Child Angles, and Split mass are good places to start

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Re: Macrophages IV - solution

Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 7:03 am
by xoid
Make good swimmer which can reach 200 at least
Start empty dish to fill it with food. Freeze.
Put one swimmer in it, switch to Task page. Start.
Wait until they reach 200, freeze.
Put left 29 cells to free space, especially above food grains. Start.

This kind you will reach about 280 cells. Repeat from zero until you will lucky to get 300. Win.