Population Bottleneck

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Population Bottleneck

Post by Nayus » Sun Sep 16, 2018 5:17 pm

Population Bottleneck

Difficulty: PhD

Progress: Unlocks gene Neurocyte, programmable genome parameters, and further challenges

This diverse ecosystem reproduces sexually using a new cell type, the Gamete. This cell doesn't have a complete set of chromosomes and can thus not split.
However, it can fuse with another compatible gamete to form a new cell with complete genome. After fusing the mode is changed and the lifecycle can continue. This way beneficial traits can efficiently spread through a population.
The ecosystem on this dish unfortunately went through a population bottleneck when professor Challenger spilled a mug of coffee on it. Now the gene for swimming fast is missing. Can you reintroduce it to the gene pool?

Win Conditions: 750 or more total cells with 2 or less inserted

General Strategy: Make a variation of the organism present but with a faster Flagellocyte

Record Solution: ?
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