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Post by Nayus » Sun Sep 16, 2018 11:39 pm


Difficulty: PhD

Progress: Unlocks gene Myocyte and further challenges

Description: Our politicians have introduced patent laws to help foster technological advancements.
We can now not use the solution to Floaters II anymore without paying a huge license fee for the Buoyocytes. Our budget now only allows for one Buoyocyte per genome and we can thus not make an equally efficient species anymore.
We have had to lower our ambitions for this substrate to 200 cells. Can you work around the limitations posed by the patent laws by using the Neurocyte?

Win Conditions: 200 or more user cells for 100h using 1 buoyocyte in the genome

Hint: Use the longest time on the oscillator preset. Make sure to set the Neurocyte adhesin connections to what the case is in your organism

General Strategy: Make a programmable buoyocyte that oscillates its density and therefor making it go up and down

Record Solution: ?
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