Scarce Conditions

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Scarce Conditions

Post by Nayus » Sun Sep 16, 2018 11:54 pm

Scarce Conditions

Difficulty: Superhuman AI

Progress: Optional challenge

Description: We now have access to two new cells, Senseocyte and the Sterocyte. They can sense smell from either food or cells of certain colors. The Senseocyte will output a signal substance based on the smell molecule concentration. The Stereocyte will output a signal substance based on the left-right concentration gradient of smell molecules.
Food is now very scarce, can you figure out a way to survive on this substrate?

Win Conditions: 250 or more user cells with 4 or less inserted

Hint: Use the Stereocyte and Myocyte for steering towards food. Think about the placement of the cells within your organism

Make a simple swimmer so that once it gets enough food it will split into a four-celled linear organism, Flagellocyte-Myocyte-Stereocyte-Phagocyte. Make the Myocyte bend according to the smell direction picked up by the Stereocyte.
Tuning the Myocyte response is crucial and requires some experimenting.
Let the Phagocyte split off the simple swimmers that will sometimes be lucky and develop into these four-celled navigating swimmers and thus letting your organism reproduce.
Setting the adhesin strength high and tuning the split masses is crucial
Note that this is one of many ways of solving this challenge.

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