Post your creations here. It can be either a cool genome or an interesting ecosystem. Indicate if you designed it yourself or if it was created through evolution, or both :). File, picture, or video is required.
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Post by Alast » Wed Jul 08, 2015 3:27 pm


what a terrible mistake have I made when inventing the rocket launcher!!! Aggression can never be the answer!

In my attempt to undo what I have unleashed to humanity I have created this little substrate only trying to touch your hearts instead of piercing through them

Make Peace not War!

Perfection hasnt reached me yet, but its trying hard!
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Re: Peace

Post by TygrCZ » Wed Jul 08, 2015 3:44 pm

Let's just make armored vechiles that will protect these fellow cells!
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Re: Peace

Post by Petroleum_Jellyfish » Sat Dec 15, 2018 8:00 pm

Disturbing peace is my job ... trate?dl=0
Ha ha ha
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