Smart swimmer reproducing spores!

Post your creations here. It can be either a cool genome or an interesting ecosystem. Indicate if you designed it yourself or if it was created through evolution, or both :). File, picture, or video is required.
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Smart swimmer reproducing spores!

Post by MANFISH » Thu Apr 23, 2020 10:41 am

Hi! I made a smart spore reproducing swimmer, So I made an idea, why not combine smart swimmers and spores?

So basically, I combined and improvised to make the spore-swimmer!

The swimmer reproduces via spore and spreads via smart swimmers once enough food is consumed they spread.

The photocytes(eggs) multiply up to 4 and create the smart swimmer, it is composed of a flagellocyte-myocyte-stereocyte-phagocyte.

Stereocyte output at max-positive it finds food within the given substrate, the phagocyte consumes the food dots thus creating the said spore, and so the cycle repeats.

Dropbox download: ... trate?dl=0
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