The possibility of a PC version?

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The possibility of a PC version?

Post by Raven » Sun Feb 07, 2016 5:00 am

Recently I read a post I missed from October, in which Petter said that the main reason he did not release Cell Lab for PC was there was no Google Play alternative for the PC that he knew of. However, a service called Steam might be good for this as another user brought up.
If you submitted Cell Lab to the service that steam has for adding new games, called greenlight, then I'm sure it would be eventually added.
Now, of course it is possible that the way cell lab is made it would be hard to turn it into a game for the PC, but if it is able to be added I would certainly think it worth paying for. In fact, I would have no problem if Cell Lab was sold. Mainly, I personally want to be able to run massive substrate simulations that would be hard to do on my phone, but better for my computer.

Please consider this as an option! I have tested the game using the chrome extension ARC Welder, and it works to the point of not being able to zoom or import/export organisms. While I am sure implementing it would be different, fixing these two features were the only problems I ran into.

It may be hard and to time consuming for you to port it over, so if that is the case I understand. However, it would be nice to know if this would work.

As a smaller side-note, if you do eventually decide to do this, please support Linux :)

Thanks for reading!
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Re: The possibility of a PC version?

Post by CandyYAHFT » Sun Feb 07, 2016 7:52 pm

and of course I personally would love more acelerated simulations, since you can't left your PC running for 36 hours if you want a long term simulation, the problem would be the middle time evolved species sometimes are good for other purposes, like higher peaks, or highest stability, however what evolution rewards is the competitivity, and sometimes the luck at reaching food, wich is somehow how it works in real life
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