Multicyte (recycled idea)

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Multicyte (recycled idea)

Post by ErrorDAR32 » Wed Sep 28, 2016 5:57 pm

I think a viable multicyte

as nombrre it indicates this is a cell capable of doing the job of two, but that's very op then pense two remedial measures:

1. less efficiently.

example: in phagocyte multicyte mode and flagelocyte
in this case it may hacrr to swim slower, or you spend more energy swimming
and that the phagocyte produce less energy per brown dot

2. take turns.
something like the stemocyte
the cell is dependent on a substance or has an oscillator with which cell changes from time to time
example. again phagocyte flagelocyte
the cell begins as a flagelocito, advances and becomes phagocyte time passes and becomes again soin a flagelocyte and the cycle is repeated forever.

How about the idea

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