New secrocyte feature(suggestion)

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New secrocyte feature(suggestion)

Post by CandyYAHFT » Thu Dec 01, 2016 10:18 pm

I was thinking about the yellow crazy ants, they don't have the initial stage that other ants have that allows them to start nests from zero. They have neither alates(flying ants) nor scavenger habilities. So they manage to survive by charming ant workers of other species into making then think they are the queen.

And I was thinking that secrocytes could have pheromones. What this will do is that when there is a nerve cell like senseocytes and stereocytes they will detect a secrocyte regardless of its own color and the color that the detector cell was made to detect, or if it was made to detect food. And will do its reaction accordingly.

Even though I am making this suggestion because of the droner queens and that stuff. Also because the only way to change the cells behavior is through viruses. But hormones play s huge role in smart and sensitive organisms.

Also virus has its weakness in the fact that it cannot infect shielded or keratinized cells. But they cannot hide "their feelings" so this secrocyte is able to charm them.

I was thinking also in flytraps.

Im thinking that muscles should have enhanced strenght so that they can be used for crushing purposes. And for example a keratinized myocyte is even stronger.

So flytraps will be posibble.
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