Some Suggestions

We like few-celled organisms, not bugs!
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Some Suggestions

Post by Science Nerd » Mon Jul 13, 2015 10:38 am

Hello. I love this game so I had thought of some ideas that I think could make this fame more interesting :D


I was wondering if a tonicity parameter could be added to the substrate settings since in real life cells face this kind of problem. A high setting means a hypertonic environment and a low setting means a hypotonic environment. A medium setting is an isotonic environment which is the default. A cell in a hypertonic environment shrinks and dies, and cells swell, stop dividing and die in a hypotonic environment. Although i think the effects on cells should be faster the more extreme the setting is. I also thought of a cell that can thrive in this environment. The cell has the function of regulating the amount of water of it and other cells. This cell can have a water concentration setting where a high setting means that the cell pumps more water in and distributes it to other cells while a low setting means that the cell expels more of the water it has and that of other cells into the environment. A medium setting means the cell expels and pumps water in at equal rates. This kind of cell should be energy consuming in order to pump in water and expel it out . If the cell's setting also don't match that of the tonicity of the environment but the gap is not too great, cells can grow and divide but not as fast as when they are in an isotonic environment.

Devorocyte modification

I was also thinking if devorocytes can be modified so that their attacks are more specific. I suggest that devorocytes should only be able to attack cells that dont match their genome. This would allow organisms to incorporate devorocytes without the need of many keratinocyte connections. And this kind of feature also kind of copies immune cells which only recognize enemy cells for destruction. We could observe more complex organisms fighting "cancer" and eliminating virus-infected cells without the compromise of the organism itself being attacked by its own devorocytes. :)
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Re: Some Suggestions

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