New easy challenges

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New easy challenges

Post by BoltStrikes » Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:12 pm

Hwaii evrone it is I Bolt here to make thy first topic on ze forum!

So. When a new cell type is introduced in the game, it is usually accompanied by 3-4 challenges in rising difficulty in order to demonstrate the uses and dynamics of the new cell type. Virocytes especially do this.

But, later in game, there are less and less easier challenges, and the challenges are all very difficult. For instance, after one is introduced to myocytes, the first, only and required challenge is Friction, which is rated very difficult, and it can be very confusing for someone who just met this new cell type.

We need more easy challenges made to address specific parts of behaviors of the cell types to aid the player in the process of learning.
Especially after the introduction of stereocytes, senseocytes, stemocytes.. The player gets very litle time to adapt to the new cell type when they are introduced to one or two new ones in the next challenge. Getting bombarded with new things like this is very demanding of the user, and can make for a very difficult learning curve.

In the days to follow, i will make quite a few of the challenges that i feel like should be in the main game. See you in future posts! -Bolt
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