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Suggestion: Tutorial for Experiments?

Posted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 4:48 pm
by Kanohuf
We have tutorials for genome editing and the microscope but unfortunately there is none for making a substrate even though making our own experiments is such a crucial thing in CL. (I finished nearly every challenge but still I have no idea what's the difference between static and dynamic friction ;_; ) I know that there is this tiny little [info] button (btw in beta version it's outdated), but i think it's not visible enough. I noticed that some people have trouble finding [info] button or for example don't know that you can hold the "New Plate" button. New players are being drowned in different buttons, boxes, sliders etc. It feels like being placed behind the control panel of a plane... (and at this moment I just realised that the "prioritize" box in genome editor is still called "stay alive" everywhere else but that's offtopic ;-; )