Some Secrocyte and Sensocyte suggestions

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Some Secrocyte and Sensocyte suggestions

Post by Aryan » Sun Apr 08, 2018 3:57 am

Here are some things which I would like to be added in cell lab.

1-Stereocytes and Sensocytes must be able to detect HCN (cyanide), Lipase, Protease and signal substances (+S1, -S1, +S2, -S2, +S3, -S3, +S4, -S4), and all other things like nitrates, nutrients. This can help in making poison avoiding cells (o) and signal substances detection will enable cells to exchange signal substances without any adhesin connection over short distances. And will also enable the cells to communicate.

2-We can add a new genome setting ‘smell’ to the Secrocyte. This will be a check box and if this will be turned on then the substance secreted by secrocytes won’t be the real substance but will be the smell of the same substance. This can help us to fool the poison detecting cells without producing poison, which can even harm our own cells :twisted: . This can also help in exchanging signal substances without any adhesin connection over short distances.

3-We can also add a new genome setting ‘smell detection’ to the Stereocytes and Sensocytes. If this check box will be ticked on then instead of sensing the real thing it will sense the ‘smell’ (refer to point no. 2) of that thing. This can prevent the sensing cells from being fooled by the lazy secrocytes :lol: . And can also help in transmitting signal substances without any adhesin connection over short distances. As if the secrocyte will produce signal substances this can affect the normal functioning of the cells. So, producing a smell is much more better.

Normal signal substances are for normal adhesin connection to adhesin connection signaling and signal substance smells can be for on air signaling over short distances.

This may look same like one of my own concepts transmittocytes but the huge difference is transmittocytes can be used for long distance communication and for exchanging nutrients, nitrates, and other substances such as HCN (cyanide), Lipase, Protease etc. Because transmittocytes aren’t so convenient for short distance communication but are the best for long distance communication. It’s same like we don’t use a telephone to talk to a person standing right in front of us.
viewtopic.php?f=5&t=5874, link to the topic

4-Secrocytes should also have a new substance which will change the color of the cell it touches. This may provide us access to multi colored organisms and each different color will represent a different mood. And will also allow us to change the color of other organisms to the color our predator detects.

5-The should also be a substance decay setting which will define that in how much time the substance decays. And if this setting will be high then the secrocyte will use more energy. Or secrocytes can have a substance production setting which will define the production of the substance. And if this setting will be high more energy will be consumed. This can help us to inject a lagre amount of poison and other substances at once and producing super fast nutrient cover removing lipase.
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