So Many Ideas (or not)

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So Many Ideas (or not)

Post by AdityaTheGamer1804 » Mon May 28, 2018 2:52 pm

Hey Guys! I'm Here! And we have many ideas here after i discussed it with WereForumie2930
And ElNico5.
i bring it up all here :D
Here it is :

1. Spryocte (by me)
Spryocyte is an cell that could spays any fluid that has purpose.
It sprays in an area,
and can be set on signal substances. The fluid will evaporate across time.
And evaporate faster in rich-light substrate.
It could split like other cell, too.

Here is some kind of what he can sprays :

- Black Ink = black ink that may confuse and slow organism when inside / after pass it
[useful to make squid-like organism]

- Viscosity Fluid = fluid that has set up viscosity. You can set it to high, or low viscosity

- Density Fluid = fluid that has set up density. You can set it to high, or low density

- Honey = fluid that contains bunch of tiny nutrient chunks . It costs much energies

- Glue = fluid that works like glue. It evaporates faster and cost much energies.

- HCN liquid = fluid of HCN that would kill cells after passing it.

- Antibody liquid = fluid of Antibody that can prevent Devorocyte, Secrocyte, Virocyte, and Glueocyte do anything when inside the fluid.
And giving Keratinocyte's protection when ONLY inside the fluid.
Antibody liquid also can cure the infected cell/organism (HCN) when inside the fluid.

- Water = water that will erase fluids.

(Erased)- Signal substance fluid = fluid that has signal substance.

9. White Ink
= sprays a fluid that makes negative effect to Black ink (this idea was given by ElNico5)
spryocye png.png
sprite of spryocyte

2. Flueocyte (by WereForumie2930) (Glueocyte+Virocyte) It will attatch to a cell, and then inject its mode into the cell, so when it splits, it makes more copies of the Flueocyte.

Like for example, a swimmer egg, that is about to split into a swimmer, gets infected by a Flueocyte, which causes the egg to split into not a swimmer, but two new Flueocytes.

3. Tissueocyte (By ElNico5 )
Tissueocyte have from 0 up to 5 on cytoskeleton, strength conected cells skeletons,
can split with a maxium of 50 on adhesin strength,
and longer conection length.

4. Stereocyte Cell Lock System (by me)
[this works only to Stereocyte's Cell Smell]

when this setting applied,
one cell that Stereocyte saw first will get locked and
always targeted to that cell until the targeted cell dies,
and Stereocyte will find another cell to get lock.

This is very useful to make homing-missile, or turret.

5. Dashocyte (By ElNico5 )
Dashocytes act simillar to flagellocytes but once at a time and
faster than flagella (dashes).
Dashes are controlled by 3 options :
  • 1. Substance dependnce on both next options (works different in dash frecuency)
  • 2. Dash lenght (at normal viscosity, friction and just him in the organism)
    measured in cell diameters
  • 3. Dash frecuency, this is how often it dashes measured in 1 dash per X hours

Dash lenght works by setting the distance between cell nucleus at moment 0 and
cell nucleus at the end of the dash.
example: if dash lenght is set to 2 and cell diameter
is 21μm at start of dashing it will dash 42μm.

Substance dependence in dash frecuency works like a switch (turnig on or off dashes)

6. A checkbox to enable virus copy to on virocytes again (by Elnico5)
idk but this is ElNico's suggestion.

Okay. That's it. Hope you like it :D
Use your Creativity to make anything good :)
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