My cell ideas (gelatinocytes, antennocyte...)

We like few-celled organisms, not bugs!
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My cell ideas (gelatinocytes, antennocyte...)

Post by Praizmlet » Sat Nov 03, 2018 1:06 pm

Here are all the cell idea I'd like to show:
1 - A cell that can be traversed and are less dependent of nutrients. My name suggestion: Gelatinocyte
2 - A bioluminescent cell, if Petter want, the biolight of the cell can have color (inspired in fluorocyte) for senseocytes and stereocytes sense an certain color light. Cannot feed photocytes glued in it and senseocytes and stereocytes can sense an bioluminescent cell glued on it. My name suggestion: luminocyte
3 - A cell that transforms HCN (cyanide) into NH3, because the cell shoots out the carbon present in the cyanide, use the nitrates present in the cell e mix out the HCN with nitrates to make the NH3 (i don't if is that cell a gamebreaker). My name suggestion: Guolocyte (the word filter in chinese + suffix "cyte")
4 - A cell with a antenna, when the antenna collides with a cell its will have literally all information of the cell, this cell like the stereocyte and the senseocyte but is just detect cells, light, velocity and walls, and its can detect the mass of the cell, the type of the cell and other things. Don't transmit something and don't drain something, the cyanide or other thing can't be trasmitted by the antenna of that cell. My suggested name: Antennocyte
Its my ideas on the while
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Re: My cell ideas (gelatinocytes, antennocyte...)

Post by Pikamochzo » Thu Dec 05, 2019 9:34 pm

NH3 reacts with HCN creating NH4CN
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