The forums die again :/

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The forums die again :/

Post by TygrCZ » Tue Dec 29, 2015 7:12 am

As you might notice, the forums are again, not active. Few of ideas:
1. The holidays - Everyone wants to have fun with their family, which means not enough time to play Cell lab, meaning nothing new happening at all. Pretty understandable.
2. Nothing much for normal users - Only beta testers have the new version, and beta testers are mostly the active ones on the forums. Meanwhile, normal users don't really use the forums that much.
3. It gets boring - I am sad to say, that the forums are getting a little bit boring, as everything gets repetitive, even though there's so much to discover.
So, those are my 3 reasons while the Cell Lab forums are dying. By this, I don't want you to quickly go play and make something, this is just a little warning before another "calm period" (call it however you want), when nothing happens at all.

- TygrCZ
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Re: The forums die again :/

Post by Phaseling » Sun Jan 03, 2016 9:01 am

I think another reason might be that they have just forgotten all about the game xD, or are waiting for a new update to try new things. xD I myself have just been a bit busy with other stuff, while cell lab has just become a small icon inm the bottom left of my screen...I need to get into, it more =_=. I think someone should make a list of challenges that a cell has to go through to get to the next one, and others should add more as they think them up...just an idea though :/ xD
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