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(nightlybird) but thankfully, due to dumb luck on how the cloner works (it copies the molecular structure of whatever's inside the machine, including both living and non-living things), I happened to have the gene sequences (which were all on a small disc comparable to that of a GameCube disc) for the devorocyte, keratinocyte, multiangular nomadicyte, phagocyte, and photocyte in my lab coat! But then I discovered a gene sequence for an unknown cell. I shared the unknown gene sequence with my fellow colleagues and discovered that it was a type of cell that is sticky! NEW CELL: Basic glueocyte. We are now working on a new cell editor called KRISPR (intentionally misspelled) to combine the unlocked cells to make new ones!
NEW TOOLS: KRISPR gene editor, optical tweezers, cell diagnostic, cell remover, cell boost, adjustable light, multiple cell foods, gene splicing and gene removal functions on KRISPR... and a mysterious ???UNKNOWNTOOL???!
Something to note: although I named my account glueocytic myocyte, I usually prefer to be called nightlybird, nightly, nightlybird247, and nightlybird742. So if you see (nightlybird) at the beginning of my paragraph, that is a direct monologue from me. If I don't add it, I am playing the role of narrator or "chorus", if you want it to be a play. You can do this too if you want, and it'll make it less confusing and more interesting.
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