Pathogen Researching Event [Virocytes] on Discord

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Pathogen Researching Event [Virocytes] on Discord

Post by humon » Thu Oct 26, 2017 7:32 pm
Summary: We will be doing a two-team competition of designing the best virus, and curing the other team's virus.

"We will do a teamfight, two teams trying to create the better virus than the other. Once the teams are set, I'll post a substrate (which I already tested) and phase #1 will begin, as you'll have to design a virus which fills the criterias (take over the substrate, simply survive, for clean the plate). There will be different instructions, and once both teams came up with a virus, phase #2 begins, where you will try to instead cure said virus following additional criterias.
Winning conditions also depend on the challenge. There will be a total of three substrates."

^All done on Discord. Individual competitions might take place after the teamfight. May the better biologist win.
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