GG, why android?

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GG, why android?

Post by Sabre » Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:42 am

Man this game is awesome, I am really enjoying it and even coming back after some time to play it is enjoyable.
I remember the first time I installed virtual Android jsut to play this game with more comfort.

That makes me question why this game is even marketed to android and not for PC?
Since you have such powerful and complex features like evolving an organism through extensive simulation and also the complexity of the UI, this surely lends itself much more to the PC as you would have much more resources at your disposal.

With a bit more polish all round, in tutorials and maybe UI explanations/reworking (especially neurocytes), maybe even some online "competative" scenarios, I know it would be something I would pay for.

Is this something you are considering?
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