My Explanation On How Virocyte Work (v97)

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My Explanation On How Virocyte Work (v97)

Post by Singa1Lee » Sat May 05, 2018 10:27 am

Most of the player think that virocyte is very hard to understand. In fact, virocyte only follow 2 simple rules:

1)Virocyte will replace the victim gene with its own gene ON THE SAME MODE.
For example:
The victim is a swimmer with
Your virus is a swimmer with
In this case, when you virocyte infect the victim head(original m3), it will turn into a tail(infected m3).

2)Virus also affect 2 generations afterward.

This mean "Virus copy from" will affect how many mode will be copy into the victim genome
For example:
Virus genome:
Virocyte with "Virus copy from:m1" will infect m1,m2 and m3.
Virocyte with "Virus copy from:m3" will infect m3,m4 and m1.
1 virocyte could only infect at most 7 different mode.

From the 2 rules above, we know that:
ALWAYS copy the victim genome before design a virus.

I hope this could help you to understand how to use virocyte.
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Re: My Explanation On How Virocyte Work (v97)

Post by Nayus » Sat May 05, 2018 4:19 pm

The Virocyte was simplified in this version.
Previously it had a "Copy To" in addition to the "Copy From" setting. That was the thing that troubled most people, myself included, and why most people didn't fully understand them.
The idea with the update was to make the Copy To setting always be the same mode as the Copy From, which since the beggining was the understandable way to use Virocytes.

But anyway thank you for leaving the explanation. We should fix other explanations that talk about how the Virocyte was.
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