Tips, tricks and settings for random evolution

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Tips, tricks and settings for random evolution

Post by Wilcz » Wed Aug 01, 2018 3:22 pm

Today I got lucky and from random cells and radiation I evolved some simple swimming oeganisms. They didn't last long though. A while back I was also experimenting with mutation of floating plants. I made a simple floater with a photocyte and a buoycyte and just by random chance (and some tweaking) I ended up with a monster that used virocytes to hijack other organisms. Not that it's anything special and new but pretty amazing to watch natural selection in action.

I keep these settings constant almost all the time:
Radiation: 0.010-0.0015
Nitrates: 0.205-0.215

Other settings may vary based on what you want to achieve but I also limit nutrients and make them very lumpy just so simple phagocytes don't have it too easy. I sometimes add gravity just so they sink to the bottom and don't spread like crazy all the time. What about you?
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