The Melanocyte Incident

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The Melanocyte Incident

Post by 121daredevil » Sun Sep 02, 2018 11:18 pm

Hey Guys,
At the post "Solution for Population Bottleneck" and the "Suggestion: Melanocytes" post. There was somehow a chat going on there.
I admit that I was hacked. Well here's the story:

We were just talking and somehow my friend, tried to go to my account. Although he found the way to enter my account. And that was his first post
The "Suggestion: Melanocytes" is formed. I changed my pass so there is no confusion between me and my friend.

There you go. That's why I was hacked for no reason
I am very sorry for what my friend has done to this place.

Here are some Q&A you don't need to answer

Q: 121daredevil, are you going to finish the "Project: Wormbites" project?
A: Well Sadly No, although I will see it through while I am done doing something else

Q: 121daredevil, Why are you always quiet in the Forum?
A: I was just scrolling the posts so I can read more

Q: 121daredevil, Y r u running?
A: *Shoots blaster* NO! *puts Cell Removal in him*

Oh, You can question me anything. Well except for these on the top
As Cells Divide.
For every failure has made. Try and try again and Success will be achieved
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