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Hi, help w buying a microscope?

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2018 6:07 pm
by Blood2thick
Hello, I’m new as of today and if this thread is in the wrong place please moderators move it to where it needs to be, thank you.

I’m here to learn. Not well or young enough to go back to school so please forgive my “rookyness”. I do not know what all you know but do understand a lot and will give you the respect for your knowledge and hope to soak up all the info given.

Question: I am buying a microscope and don’t know anything much about them. I want it to be able to print off a printer and I want it to be strong enough to look at cells, specifically the shapes and how they are bunched (or lack thereof) together. If I can see the mitochondria that would be a big bonus.

Ehlers-Danlos and Lyme disease are the two issues I’m trying to figure out since I feel sure my post would beg that question. I am positive for both and have been at least since the 1970’s to my knowledge. Time to do homework!

My price can go up to $300, can I purchase a microscope that can do what I want it to do (see mitochondria too if possible) for that amount? If not, what do I need and about how much?

Re: Hi, help w buying a microscope?

Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2018 2:13 am
by Alast
Welcome to the forum! Hope some8ne will be able to help you. However, this forum is about the Android game Cell Lab. So it's not about actual micro biology. But I do think chances are good that there is someone here who actually also is experienced in the real science :-)