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Here anything Cell Lab related that doesn't fit into the other topics can be discussed.
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Re: Poking for Community

Post by The_Robs » Wed Mar 27, 2019 1:57 pm

When looking at the cell names, I can see Keratin, which would be Greek origin. Flagel, would be latin.

I was thinking of defining Kingdom names, according to the organism's function. Kingdoms would be defined by a person "naming" them, and assigning the wanted characteristics for it. Algae would be a Photovore producing Nutrient when cells die, not moving nor reproducing. You could vary Kingdoms by using prefixes. Rhizoalgae could be defined by someone other than myself, as an Algae that reproduces using rhizomes.

As for the Class, I was thinking of creating another layer of the same principle.

Let me define Flagio as a Kingdom of organisms, which is Phagocyte based, moves using at least a Flagel, and reproduces by producing M1 when each of the cells have reached a final arrangement. From there, I could develop an organism called Flagio Thorax which is a subset of Flagio with each cell 'protected' by a Keratocyte.

Please, let me know how you plan on doing your own naming :D
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Re: Poking for Community

Post by K-man » Wed Mar 27, 2019 4:59 pm

Let's start a new thread on this. This is getting off-topic.
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