A Reef project

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A Reef project

Post by Grimmrog » Mon Apr 01, 2019 2:49 pm

an (im)possibility study of a n00b.

Maybe that project is undoable, maybe I am just not tough enough for it. But atm it is an rough idea with many open questions. And I still have to lern way too much about the game and how things in detail work and even the basics of some weird cells to start it yet. So some might just prove to be impossible.

But the idea of that Project is what is supposed to give me some long term motivation on the game and figuring out more stuff about how the cells work.

So the basic idea is trying to make a biome with 3 or 4 livng species that can sustain itself.
This contains the following tasks

]Biome primary conditions:
mostly seperate living spaces with each overlapping enough so that one species feeds of the other.
Preferably only light at the Top

Possible utilities and thoughts
Buoyocytes ( consideration: density based on cell mass)
Gravity and density settings
Light sensitivity
sensens smells and stuff.

The basic idea is trying to create seperate living spaces for each species and maybe eating primary of the other creatures lifecylces products in a Top to Bottom Biome.

Intendes species:
All spacies, if possible, should have an organism Lifetime. So they should not be based on the cell aging parameter.

surface algae/seating

Some photocyte based organism at the top that drops cells as possible food for the next layer(s).

Possible utilities and thoughts:
Stemocyte to kill off connection between Buoyocyte and organism to make it sink after a certeain amount of Lifetime
Period where Food is produced (cells dropped off for more living layers below) and multiplication period.


organism that floats upwards if "hungry" and sinks down after being "fed"
organism that feeds either on cells, or the dead cells remains. Depends on what method would be more suitable for the biome to work.
poops (drops cells when overfed to feed the next layer)
Maybe fancy wobbling animation

Possible utilities and thoughts:

Buoyocyte based float heigth.
cell size related trigger for Bu density to simulate fed status.
light sensitivity to control Bu density
possibly wobbling by utility of Myocytes
possibly Stemo kill switch to end off Lifetime preferably killing the Buoyocyte. (well looks like death is mostly done by killing off the buyo as it makes the organisms remaisn drop)
using connetion # and stemocyte to make it spawn many eggs only once in it''s Lifetime, might even instantly die after spawning.


organism that swims around on a horizontal layer feeding on whatever upper layers give it.
poops and dies to grant food for the lower layer.
spawn time after X amounts of pooping to get some sort of Lifecycle simulation
migt have wall detection to change swimming direction.

Possible utilities and thoughts:

Buoyocyte based float heigth.
cell size related trigger for Bu density
again utilising stemo to let the organism die
Lifecylce simulation based on the age of a Stemo (producing poop or an egg)

Sea Anemone

Bottom layer organsim maybe with some wiggly waggly extentions that feeds on all the remains of the higher layer.

Possible utilities and thoughts:
Buyoyocyte for max density
sufficient nutrition storage should a carcass reach them
possibly can atatch to others of it's kind as collective living, given that doesn't raise the layer infinitely.
Myocytes with phago and devor atatched ontop to simulate feeding tentacles.

Finalising thoughts.

I would like to have the organisms to "die", which means they shouldn't pop like dead cells do. Instead vital cells, like the buyoyocyte and feeding cells should either mutate into something else or kill/starve these cells, so that the remaining organims turns into a carcass. This might be tricky if the organism feeds with devorocytes as this may mean the organism is cannibalised by other individuals before it can drop to the next layer. Especially with the fishes which should have more horizonal movement than jellyfish may have. But utilising keratinocytes for protection will make the edibility of that organism hard in the later layers. So maybe if they get a low nutrition priority they might die off early granting other ornisms food on the remaining cells.

Kill switch could also be done by making the stemo inject the Buoyocyte to get low density. This would even be important if the Substrate would be based with density Gradient settings. Injecting could also help killing off the Phago/devorocytes at superlow split mass to kill them by splitting and cutting nourishment off to prevent lone cells keeping fed after the organims is supposed to die.

Project Status:

Figuring out many basics: WIP

Designing Algae: WIP

Designing Jellyfish: TBD

Designing Fish: TBD

Designing Anemone: TBD

One Substrate to hosue them all: TBD

proper invention of a kill switch TBD
proper Lifecycle simulation (pooping and breeding) based on Stemocyte: TBD

Open Questions:
Loads, but no specific one.
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Re: A Reef project

Post by Mr. Jilbodilby » Tue Apr 02, 2019 7:49 am

Please try and work on your spelling next time, it would really help.
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