PC version Feature Requests

Here anything Cell Lab related that doesn't fit into the other topics can be discussed.
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PC version Feature Requests

Post by Grimmrog » Tue Apr 23, 2019 8:34 am

I have not really found a thread about this topic, so here is one where we should list feature we want to see in the PC version.
Not being on a mobile enables a lot things, like having genome window, Microscope and the substrate at once.

Real time cell Adjustment. I would love to be able to actively change, alter the genome of a living organism. This would make adjusting smart swimmers and similar features a lot easier in the fine tuning area.

Number Input instead of bars. Fiddling with the bars sometimes is painful (especially when snap angles is off). Directly being able to enter numbers would be great. Especially in the cell state dependence window.

Customised Formulas for the cell state dependency Window.

Various Plate Settings, like freely chooseable (maybe even paintable and cuatomizeable) forms, or ovals, suqares rectangles

Customizeable Light source(s). The ability to place and move one or multiple light sources with their own settings of light intenstity and ranges. Maybe even light colors sensocytes and stereocytes could detect.

The ability to open multiple Plates at once which each being able of having their own substrate settings.
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