Springtail's Underworld

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Springtail's Underworld

Post by humon » Tue Oct 03, 2017 2:17 pm

This is an unique friction substrate for crawlers, with no nutrient concentration whatsoever. Photocytes are also disabled. Did I mention devorocytes and glueocytes are also part of the "doesn't exist club"? Then what do they eat? The earth!

In this substrate you will see an unlimited source of earth filling the substrate, decaying, providing nutrients. Long-term life shouldn't be a challenge, but the nature of the substrate might end up troublesome, as food appears rather slowly.
The challenge is quite hard in my opinion, as you even have to pay attention to slipping between cells, or at least not being smashed by the ground.

Banned cells:
-cyanidic secrocytes

-Challenge 1:
Create an organism which can survive 200 hours in this substrate
-Challenge 2:
Create an organism which can survive 500 hours in this substrate
-Challenge 3:
Create a serpent which can survive 400 hours in this substrate

https://www.dropbox.com/s/q5ienukfihyt6 ... trate?dl=0
-First experiment of the Aspiring Apprentice-
Once a single split,
Now a grand gift,
Thanks to evolution,
A complete revolution.

The substrate being well lit,
The cells no longer fit,
One last tragic split:
"I quit!"

-the Lost Poet
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