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The Wall Challenges (I, II & III)

Posted: Fri Dec 04, 2015 9:42 pm
by CandyYAHFT
Here I'll post 3 different challenges with 3 different objectives, but the same substrate.
The substrate has maxed gravity, maxed density gradient, has light all over the plate, and a species that constantly grow a wall of Keratynocytes in the centre, there's a place, marked with some red Keratynocytes, inside you must put your initial cell, there are nutrients, and kill cells at the edge. ... trate?dl=0

For all challenges no buoyocytes or Keratynocytes allowed
First challenge - Peaceful travel
Insert your cell on the mark and...
•crash at the bottom (very easy)
•do it with only one swimmer (easy)
•do it without breaking the photocyte chain (medium)
•do it without touching the photocyte chain (medium)

Second challenge - SuperCell returns
Insert your cell number on the mark and...
•pass through the photocyte chain, and come back through the photocyte chain (medium)
•come back through the same point [for example if you first pass between the first and the second photocyte, come back through the same place] (very difficult)

Third challenge - Extinction
Insert your cell at the mark and...
•Let no cells at the substrate (medium)

Additional rules
For challenge I, I would like if you post your bes times, this is a kinda race challenge, so best time at crashing the bottom, means better, BTW, if you crash slightly on a side you still pass if the difference is not so notorious.
For challenge II, if you pass this, please, send me your genome via PM, my knowledge about angles isn't the best, and I would like to know different ways to do it
For challenge III, here I would like to see your genomes, and also I would like you to post your times, tough this isn't a hard challenge, some healthy competition is always good, and also fun

Re: The Wall Challenges (I, II & III)

Posted: Fri Dec 04, 2015 9:50 pm
by CandyYAHFT
If you have trouble at uploading genomes, or if you simply are a little lazy, you can directly send me your genomes at my email
And BTW, as Petter says, if you want to upload something to DropBox (I lost my Google drive account :cry: ) you can send me a PM, and a mail with the thing you want to upload, and I'll pass you the link, Petter also does this, but I'm a little more active than him, so you'll probably get your link faster, I have to clarify I'll only do this for members of the forum, and only with things related to Cell Lab