Gene Therapy

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Gene Therapy

Post by Nayus » Sun Sep 16, 2018 4:56 pm

Gene Therapy

Difficulty: Superhuman AI

Progress: Opional Challenge

Gene therapy is a method practiced in medicine to correct a defective genome by inserting new genes. The new genes are typically inserted using a virus as a vector. A special virus is prepared that does not cause much harm but inserts a missing gene.
On this substrate we have some particularly ugly cells, specifically, mother nature did a very bad job of matching the color of the Phagocyte to the color of the Flagellocyte. We don't have access to the Flagellocyte genes but would like some more visually appealing swimmers than these. Could you do some gene therapy on these cells to obtain about the same number of swimmers but in a color scheme of your liking instead? They need to survive more than 200 h

Win Conditions: A population of 200 or more cells for 200 or more h with only 1 cell inserted

Reminder: The Virocyte insertes not only the genes for one mode are but also the genes for the modes of 2 generations of descendants. So a maximum of 1+2+4 modes of the host genome are copied to the newly infected cell
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