CellLab inspired me to start something similar

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CellLab inspired me to start something similar

Post by mich » Tue Jul 02, 2019 6:28 am


CellLab is just perfect. It inspired me to start something similar. For now I just have a bunch of splitting potatoes.

I'm amazed with graphics, I really couldn't find any engines that allows squeezing on collisions like cells in CellLab out of the box.

It's also my hobby project, so no guarantees for anything.
I'm going to use a different approach for evolution - genome with DNA-like instructions about cell's properties and behaviors. (I'm not going to be so low-level to actually code proteins and emulate all the physicochemical processess, I don't want to kill best PCs with a single cell) It's still open how exactly it would work because I'm still at the beginning of anything. Also I'm going to focus on a single-celled organisms and their organelles. Like gene will code how fast mitochondrion is converting food on energy (at the cost of higher energy consumption by mitochondrion itself and/or lower efficiency of conversion), if a cell has flagellum/cillium and how fast are they moving, how much energy/food it can store (at the cost of for example being bigger -> moving slower) and so on. I don't really care about making it graphically beatiful, so probably I'll just take some free assets from the web.

I'm a mid-level programmer, but I didn't ever (beside university which I think doesn't count) coded a game. I've chose Unity for few basic reasons: it seems easy, I like C# (and I'm experienced with it) and I want to be able to host that game in the web (to not bother with Android/IOS/Windows/Linux versions separately and make it accessible for everyone). I'll appreciate good advices about chosing engine/language, I'm not very attached to what I've chose. Beside other, because Unity doesn't allow me to draw shapes easily (really, it can't draw a nice, antialiased circle - I have to 'emulate' a circle with a bunch of short lines).

I'm going to make it open-source with public license. It's for fun only, if someone thinks he can make it better, feel free to contribute and/or fork it.
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