Binary Adder [Osinin Ivan]

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Binary Adder [Osinin Ivan]

Post by WhatTheSillyName » Wed Mar 18, 2020 12:42 pm

It is a binary adder made by Osinin Ivan.
This creation is made for the monthly competition in Russian community.

#Of microbiological

Again Dracula.
Yesterday I published the simplest binary adder ( and said that I will describe it in more detail today. I will also show its modification B (the one I showed yesterday was A).
C-transfer bit (input on the right, output on the left)
S – the total sum of bits A and B
A-bit of the number A
B-bit of the number B
All cells that react to colors or change color are marked with the corresponding colors.
Modification A in figure 1.
Modification B in figure 2.
Adders can be combined (adders of different modifications are also compatible), all possible combinations of them are shown in figures 3-6.
Figure 7 shows an example of adding 4 and 5.
All rights belong to Red Cell
PS entered #of Microbiologists because it's useless crap, cool, but useless

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