Infection II

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Infection II

Post by Nayus »

Infection II

Difficulty: Mad Scientist

Progress: Optional challenge

Description: Viruses are often specifically evolved to infect a certain host. Can you make a virus infecting these organisms leaving the substrate clean?

Win Conditions: Clean plate with 1 cell inserted

Hint: Tap on a cell under the microscope and press \"Load\" in the Genome editor and select \"Load from microscope\" to inspect the organisms living on this substrate before designing a virus

The substrate hosts a Basic Swimmer that eats nutrient chunks
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Re: Infection II

Post by Bmeupsctty »

Ok, here I started by selecting one if the white eggs on the dish and loading them from the microscope.

Now that we have our little creature, I change the egg (M4) to a virocyte, copying from M1. I changed the color of M2 to make it easier to tell who's infected. This is important since luck plays a role getting a full infection to spread. Fortunately you can tell pretty quickly if it will fail.

Now that we can replace the starting guys with ours, it's time to design their death. All we need to do to accomplish this is raise the split ratio of the egg so it won't split.

Now start you're infection, and incubate. Once your population takes control, it will now die out.
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Re: Infection II

Post by Dementor333 »

Yeah i did something similar but instead of stopping the phagocyte from splitting i made them split and give birth to my virocyte again to spread the infection even more. :lol:
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