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Difficulty: Superhuman AI

Progress: Optional challenge

Description: Can you make a predator reproduce to 50 cells and lower the prey population to 300 cells?

Win Conditions: 300 or less substrate cells with 50 or more user cells with 1 inserted

Record Solution: ?
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Re: Predator

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There are a number of possible cell layouts for a smart predator. Unlike the food-seeking organisms from earlier challenges, your creature here must seek other cells--orange ones, in particular. And because you need a devorocyte to eat the other cells with, your predator definitely needs at least one keratinocyte to protect it from itself and its brethren.

When using a stereocyte to seek cells by color, be sure to increase the color threshold; at a level of 0, it won't see any cells! And of course make all your predator's cells something other than orange. You don't want them being mistaken for prey.

Here are a few possible predator styles to give you some ideas:
pred1-basic.png (13.62 KiB) Viewed 4609 times
pred2-hammer.png (12.7 KiB) Viewed 4609 times
pred3-mouthy.png (13.56 KiB) Viewed 4609 times
After you design your predator, the crucial work is tuning the swim speed, steering, and reproductive priority. These prey are quite slow, so your predator would benefit by also being rather slow, conserving energy to swim further, not faster. Patient, methodical hunting is the name of the game.
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