Digestion II

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Re: Digestion II

Post by Sci-fo »

what i have been trying is to use the mobile food to allow my creature to store the food, un fatten it, and eat.
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Re: Digestion II

Post by Zhang »

I almost solved the challange. :( Sadly, my orgaism never incerease over 100. What i do is to make flaggocyte speed very fast 3 rounds and when the orgaism is about to die,the lipid becomes digested food. After that,the organism reproduces. :mrgreen: XD hope you can solve the challenge.
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Re: Digestion II

Post by Alast »

I'd go the other way and make my organism rather slow to give it time to digest and then consume ;)
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Re: Digestion II

Post by Warm Chicken »

Here is my solution (no smart cells needed). Key is that the organisms are not going to replicate, just grow large enough to be self sustaining and start producing fat cells to hit your cap requirment. You get 3 initial so it's not too hard.

I start with a fat cell egg that can instantly split into 4 cells. Said cells for me are glued together in a 2x2 square. On cell is your secrocyte, and the opposite is a flagellum (can't split), at 45, 135, etc degrees, what ever has the secrocyte leading. The other two cells are both the same gene of phagocyte. The secrocyte splits into another secrocyte (can't split) and a kratinocyte (can't split) taking the old ones place, with the secrocyte only attached to the kratinocyte, making a reverse kite shape. The phagocyte from earlier, the lay eggs into the substrate that never germinate. You need to be a little tricky setting up the angles for the phagocytes initially to make it work without harming the little guy, so be careful with him.
Little guy is stable enough that he is never pushed far from the rim, and his arrow head shape pushes food all ready to be eaten right into his two mouths.

It feels like cheating to do it this way, but don't worry, the feeling passes.
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