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Re: Digestion

Post by H4yw1r3 »

The Flagellum-Phagocyte-Keratinocyte-Secrocyte pattern actually solves this challenge. If the Flagellum is tilted a little bit and it's reproduction has a high success rate, you'll manage to finish this off with ease.
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Re: Digestion

Post by Alast »

It's hard to help without knowing the genome you're working with.
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Re: Digestion

Post by Frederick404 »

Can Someone please send me a genome, i gave up because its too hard vor me. Best Thing i got is this .

https://www.dropbox.com/s/pgtoagxarpoyx ... enome?dl=0
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Re: Digestion

Post by Sakaaaaa »

Frederick404 wrote: Tue Jun 26, 2018 11:05 am Can Someone please send me a genome, i gave up because its too hard vor me.
Here is mine. It might take a while to get to 150 but it will (Unless you put it in a really bad spot)
https://www.dropbox.com/s/q5rlfb3huyh4v ... enome?dl=0
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Re: Digestion

Post by Botcell »

I just got back into the game and I'm trying this.
So far my cells are dying too early and there usually aren't enough cells to keep it going
Edit: I modified it a bit and added the keratinocyte and it seems to work although some of the cells don't make it because of the lipase. It still completes the challenge tho
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Re: Digestion

Post by mirion »

Adhesin length worked for me. You'll find this parameter at the very end of the screen. Try to max it out to separate central phagocyte from the front secrocyte.

== spoiler :) ==
My solution in its adult form is a simple 3 cell floater, which temporarily holds a lipocyte egg attached to its side. When the egg splits, it looses adhesin from its parrent. Parent without egg runs linearly and with egg circularly, which is quite funny.
The organism easily reaches >500 cells in 40: digestion challenge. It could be optimized, because some eggs fall off the parent too early and dont spawn.
The trick is to adjust M1 Lipo's split mass around 1.5 for proper reproduction. Intermediate cells of immature form are also lipos. Both head and tail dont split, and are made of the secrocyte and flagellocyte. It is important to keep secrocyte in the front of the swimmer to allow middle phagocyte sniff its lipase (or to remove the fat from food that the phagocyte is just going to eat, I'm not sure of the mechanism). Central phago should split at 90 degrees for not to demolish it's body with an egg. I used maximum adhesin length for all the bonds, which is probably an overkill, but it makes floater look more funny and solves damage issue without using additional keratinocyte.
Hope this will help. Have fun. :)
Unfortunateny this organism doesn't work for further II and III challanges.