64: Nanobot

Here we remember old challenge discussions that got purged in the great forum cleanup of 2018.
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Re: 64: Nanobot

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BenJV4 wrote: Tue Jul 17, 2018 11:42 am Ok I finally found a solution as well with a 5 cells organism.

... This is what I'm pointing, the solution should be made close to what the level designer expected.
Glad you solved it!

And yes, the idea behind this challenge is to figure out what you can do with Ciliocytes. That's why there is no Flagellocyte and no Nitrates to prevent propulsion. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy this very specific challenge. It does, however, exactly what it's supposed to.
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Re: 64: Nanobot

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there are some players solved this challenge. there are some clue in this forum just find them :D
I don't know where to start :(