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(o) Hi, I am having trounble with this challenge. I can't really get my secrocyte to work. I have tried the constructs in the tutorial videos but still failed to even get my first generation to survive.
I have tried to get a lipocyte to differentiate into a secrocyte head and a phagocyte (A), linked by adhesine. The phagocyte (A) will then split into a flagellocyte tail and another phagocyte core (B) immediately as I set the split mass of (A) quite low... This construct dies out so quickly that I don't think any substrate on the plate was consumed...
Any suggestions ... And I tried to import genome from other users but it seems not working at all... So I guess I have to make a viable strain myself...
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Re: 40:Digestion

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It's often best to keep your split mass at the default 2.54 or sometimes even set it higher. You will not produce quite as much offspring that way but it has a much higher chance to survive.

Also, consider changing your first Phagocyte (the one that still needs to split into Flagellocyte and Phagocyte) into another Lipocyte splitting after 0.5h.
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