Millipede (Not Really)

Post your creations here. It can be either a cool genome or an interesting ecosystem. Indicate if you designed it yourself or if it was created through evolution, or both :). File, picture, or video is required.
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Millipede (Not Really)

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The Cell Lab Millipede, one of my favorite to watch and experiment with creations. It took me eoughly 7 hours to create, messing with a segmented organism with basic self regeneration and anti-cancer functionality XD

It strts as an egg that quickly becone a 'head' segment. Sadly due to my lack of knoledge in nerverous systems, only the front flagellocytes steer the entire Millipede. Accidentally this created very mesmerizing and organic turns and behavior with a very very tiny brain.

Originally there were two brain cells, one for food, the other to run from unlie species, or the wall if you wanted, but the Substances could not reach fr enough to contol the Flagellocytes. Now simplified to one, it works well enough.

I also added some self regeneration, if the right rear Flagellocyte doesnt have 3 connections, it regenerates the Lipocyte to make a new segment, i will name this a Root. This was built in as commonly the Millipede breaks, either due to running into itself or lacking food. This allows a potential new root to grow, making growth again possible.

Ive only seen it get ablut 5-6 segments long, if nutrition rate is increased, it grows too long, spirals, and constricts itself to death. This leads me to cancer, to save on a couple modes, i told the segments of Phagocytes to not reproduce if it had 3 adhesions. This cuse an issue of, if the Milliede tore, the phagocyte infinitely produced a long tumor killing the Millipede. I also messed with antennae but sadly they made the Millipede faceplant into walls and get stuck.

Reproduction does not exist as eggs are heavy, it cant tell if it has hit 5 segments and stops growing to instead make more babies, and multiple in one dish always ends in injury or death of one or more Millipedes. ... trate?dl=0
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