Environment Update

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Environment Update

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The Environmental Update

Substrate drawing tool:
I've seen this requested a lot in the forums and I agree- we should have different shaped substrates preset and a tool to draw our own. For example, a square substrate, unlike a circular one, has equal depth along the bottom so substrates with buoyancy are more efficient at packing more organisms that rely on bouyancy.

Water and Minerals:
Minerals will be activated in the substrate settings and would have two of their own:mineral size (how big the clump of mineral will spawn),mineral height(the height at which minerals spawn).Minerals will have the same benefits as their real life counterparts.They will also act as a movable, diggable walls in large sizes and as mobile food in small quantities. Which could be used to make bones and teeth. Water will spawn the same as nutrients are in the game. Cells without water will shrivel and become darker and discolour. If the cell dies the cell will become smaller and discoloured and will continue this until all material is converted into mineral and nutrients.This will create the need for an excrement hole for large organisms.The energy from nutrients will only he released when there is a sufficient amount of water in the cell.Together these features could be used to create a need for roots in plants and burrowing organisms.

Different parts of the substrate and cells themselves can have their own temperature and different parts of the substrate can be chosen to irradiate heat. Heat is also emitted through light. High heat causes water levels in cells to drop faster and makes water on the substrate evaporate. Cold temperatures cause cells to expand and in cells with high amount of water to freeze and for shards to form which can damage other cells. Temperature also affects how quickly cells release energy. We will be able to choose an area in the substrate that heat heat is released from and the intensity.

Current and Fluid dynamics:
With current and fluid dynamics we would be able to create jet propulsion, proboscises and much more. Current/ Wind adds a need for photosynthesising organisms to be rooted into the ground. It could also be used to spread organisms and seeds out.

In conclusion, I think all of these ideas adds a lot of new parameters and environments in cell lab which could be used to help develop organisms more specialised to their environment.
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Re: Environment Update

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I give a thumbs up.
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Re: Environment Update

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I like the idea of changing the shape of the SUBSTRATE container also. It is somewhat in-line with my suggestion to be able to add objects inside the environment.
CannedGoods wrote: Wed Dec 04, 2019 3:03 am A way to insert different types of nodes that localizes different aspects of the environment such that they only work within a small radius of where the node is placed on the Plate.

For example:

feeder - Outputs nutrient pellets at adjustable rates
light source - Outputs light at adjustable intensity
gravity generator - Positive or negative gravity
radioactive element - Outputs radiation at adjustable rates

We are observing that there is a direct correlation between environment and what genomes will thrive there. More dynamic environment would result in more dynamic genomes.
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