PC version of CellLab

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PC version of CellLab

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First i am french so my english is not perfect. I admit it.
When i had a android i was a big fan off cell lab.
2 years agos someone steal my android. I received an iphone from my generous aunt to compensate. and for a long time i forget the game.
Recently i re-discovered it ! And i was so excited that i take my friend phone to play it. but i can't play it all the time because it's his phone, and i empty his battery by playing it.

I would love if a pc version of cell Lab is made for every non android user !
Imagine playing cell Lab with better performance (the game is sometime laggy with so many cell) !
Imagine playing Cell Lab on big screen !
Imagine sharing initial cell-code to other with a steam community system like.
Imagine cell lab on steam !
I would buy it for 40$ directly !

Also if you (the developper) have some programming diificulties, i would happy to help you with my thin knowledge from school or my idea.
Also if you want to make it "open-source" that i can analyse the code easily to make some machine learning with.

Love from French fan !
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Re: PC version of CellLab

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One is already being developed.
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Re: PC version of CellLab

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K-man wrote: Sat Mar 14, 2020 9:50 pm One is already being developed.
Steam Greenlight was devoloping it long, long ago, but stopped working now.
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Re: PC version of CellLab

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Petter is still working on it
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