We like few-celled organisms, not bugs!
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There are a lot of cells in the game and in many organisms not even half of them are used. At the same time, something is missing. There are 2 of them in total and one supplement. Now I want to tell you about the first one.

I'll call it feelocyte. Its function is to give a signal s1, s2 when touching a cell of any color... That would be very helpful! For example, I often build walls. In order for the wall to be built successfully, stereocyte must see the border, give a signal and stop construction. There is a large distance between the wall and the border, and if the substrange is small, then the wall will not be built at all. Everything is easier with feelocyte. It touches the border and gives a signal. You can even place kleicocytes there! There won't be a hole left!

But in a huge number of orgonisms, feelocyte will not help. It is necessary that it touches the cell and turns, for example, into a devorocyte. This is a function really needed! The construction of combat drones is very popular in the Cell Lab. Their weapons are shells. These shells are divided into 2 types: where a new cell is needed and where it is not needed. The ones where it is needed look like this: A huge dense projectile, furnished with senserocytes and stereocytes with one stemocyte at the end. And all this in order for stemocyte to work when touching the cell. The projectile is activated when approaching the desired cell. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes it activates along the way. And such a huge projectile needs a lot of modules and signaling substances! Instead of all this, you could put 1 feelocyte and that's it! A powerful projectile of 3 modules and 0 signaling substances, not of >10 modules and 1-2 signaling substances. This function takes place in thousands of organisms! Whether it's an organism sticking its nose into a flower and activating its feelocyte there, a flower that, when touched by its feelocyte, activates its own and gives out pollen, or someone else.Along with "cell", "eat" could both settle and "turn" into this new cell.

If you add it, it will be veeeeery well!

I will talk about the second very necessary cell in another post.
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