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Re: Cell Lab PC development team

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I suggest to make new type of cell lab for PC but from the start with thinking about porting to Android too. I suggest to make new type of cell lab with new type of editor .
I suggest two types :
1)Nano Cell Lab oriented in more precise and more complex inside of cells, Metabolism, maybe haplogenes diplogenes organisms, some Gene mechanics ( invented of course with Mendelian Genomics)
2) Makro Cell Lab oriented to Tissue forming, Embriology etc. , especialy to make Makro organisms

Maybe the news more complex cells(and more RAM consuming of course) could be named as eucariotas, and the old type of cell like procariotas. They would share some basic variables ( just to be compatible on the same pool) like 4 basic substances, nitrates, food, lipids etc ) but with more complex inside of eucariotas cells .

I also suggest using C++ because we could code with great optimilization and so much fast than in Java and others .
Maybe It could be good idea to have all three types of Cell Lab in one Game.

Im already in progress with Nano Cell Lab , just some basic mechanics and ideas on paper but at least something :
System controlling Gene expression then transforming to protein's which functions are defensive, regulating genes, and also transforming sustances one from another , also kinda substance editor and regulation of energy flow)

. So if someone is interested, you can contact me .
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