Whats your username mean?

Here anything Cell Lab related that doesn't fit into the other topics can be discussed.
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Re: Whats your username mean?

Post by Casper-cas9 »

As someone fascinated by all things science but mostly biotech I chose the gene-editing tool CRISPER-Cas9 it also suits the style of the game.
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Re: Whats your username mean?

Post by WarpedWartWars »

Mine was from accidental poetics. Warped Wart Wars. This is what I call Three Word Triple Alliteration.
I'm WarpedWartWars.

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Re: Whats your username mean?

Post by Discord »

I actually do not have a constant username. Here is the list of some of them:

(CL forum) Discord - First it was my Discord name, but not because it was in Discord. I had been watching a lot of My Little Pony when i came up with this name. Discord is an MLP charatcer, which has unlimited power, though decides to live modestly with Fluttershy. As he is a spirit of chaos, he often does crazy things.

(Discord) my Discord profile image is Shrek and so is my username: Zaebumba (rus. заебумба) - A russian meme of Shrek having a dirty bath

(Minecraft) Bombovzorva - bomb + vzorva (rus. взрываться - to blow up)

And others that are completely meaningless: MrPresident, proton, MrPress(???), X_Smart_X (not because smart, but because SMARTphone)
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Re: Whats your username mean?

Post by Hexahedron »

Mine is a term for a polyhedron with 6 faces, more specifically a cube in the context of my name. I know that the correct term would be regular hexahedron, but RegularHexahedron doesn't have the same feel as Hexahedron. I chose it because it just sounds cool... and I like geometric shapes. They're neat. :D
(o) I'm gonna turn this cell into a hexagon!
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Re: Whats your username mean?

Post by NagameR0 »

mine is a inspiration of my real name
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