A Merchandise for Cell Lab's 4th anniversary

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Re: A Merchandise for Cell Lab's 4th anniversary

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He's probably too excited for his own idea. :lol:
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Re: A Merchandise for Cell Lab's 4th anniversary

Post by Nayus »

Even though Petter already said no, I would argue that just because the game is free doesn't mean that everything around it has to be as well. I don't think it defeats the purpose and I don't think it would be even bad for Petter to set up venues to get profit. Not a while ago we talked about setting up donations or a way to thank Petter for the game.

Maybe our comments and thanks are enough for Petter, but that doesn't mean that he has to divorce from everything money related around it. After all he put a lot of time into the game.

I fully agree and appreciate letting the core of the whole CL universe, aka the game itself, as truly free (no "free but tons of ads") with donations optional. If it weren't I wouldn't be here as many others. But all the rest, potentially 'the rest' I mean, is optional and is a good way to get income from the ones that want and can afford it. I think that is a good business model since you don't deny the important part of the experience to anyone while still opening a window for getting a return for your work. Of course it's obvious that Petter doesn't see this as a business. This is hypothetical
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Re: A Merchandise for Cell Lab's 4th anniversary

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Let's not tell anyone else of what the argument is all about. Even though i made this topic.
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