Symmetry density, 6 challenges in 1.

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Symmetry density, 6 challenges in 1.

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1.1 Must have at least one reflective symmetry, no matter how it is oriented.
1.1 The symmetry is for the modes of the cells, it is not valid two cells of the same color but different mode.
1.2 If a myocyte eliminates symmetry it is valid. It is sufficient that the relaxed form is symmetrical, i.e. when the input signal is equal to 0.
2. If there are stages between the larval stage and adulthood, these must also be symmetrical.
2.1 One stage is distinguished from another by not requiring food to reach the next stage.
3. Light only serves for hatching, not for making a photosynthetic organism. When it hatches, it must feed only on organic matter.
3.1 Only in the stage of incubation can it feed on light.
3.2 It is not worth that from the same "egg" many offspring are born in a row. Once hatched, the livelihood system must disappear.
3.3 It is valid if more than 1 individual is born from the same "egg". But it must be at the same time and then the livelihood system must disappear.
4. It must withstand 10,000 hours. The challenge plate starts with an age of 182.3 hours. So it must reach 10,182.3 hours.
5. Only the first 20 modes can be used.

Ways to vary the challenge:
-Same but even the orientation of the cells must be symmetrical.
-Same but both the orientation and the division must be symmetrical.
Ways to increase the difficulty:
-Repeat the previous 3 challenges but without using light.

Video where I explain better:

Link to download the challenge plate: ... trate?dl=0
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