IMPORTANT, read this before posting

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IMPORTANT, read this before posting

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Some rules for this forum:

For challenge creator:
  • Post a link to your substrate and make sure it works.
  • Set gene pool to the cell types allowed so it can easily be viewed from within game
  • Write in text allowed cell types, and any other rules, perhaps a certain number of a certain cell type and so on..
  • Try to estimate the difficulty and write this. Clearly you should have finished the challenge yourself, otherwise state this very clearly.
  • You can upload a poll along with your challenge too so people can vote on it's difficulty.
  • Write if it's ok to write or upload the solution in the forum
  • Write "highest" necessary cell type necessary to play challenge, everyone doesn't have access to all cell types.
For others:
  • Don't post/upload solutions/hints unless this has been allowed by uploader.
  • Discussing properties of substrate is fine unless uploader says so.
Template suggested by Alast:

Description: Challenge description, introductory text

Substrate: Link to the substrate

Objective (difficulty): Goal description

Max Cells inserted: Number

Cell Type allowed: Cell types (restrictions)

(optional) Additional Rules: Rule description


Let me know below if something is missing or it's too much :)

I will attempt to move some threads here.