Selective Culling

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Selective Culling

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Selective Culling

On this substrate, we have 3 different microorganisms living on it. We want you to find as many as possible, ways to kill all the swimmers without killing the photocytes, and if possible, without killing the stationary predators living on the right side of the substrate. However, one of our researchers discovered that the photocytes are using the same modes as the swimmers, but for an extra, yet uneeded challenge, try using the Virocytes to kill the swimmers.
Substrate: ... trate?dl=0

Selective Culling:
Kill the blue swimmers without killing the photocytes.
∆Difficulty: Undergrad/Ph.D

Extra: Dont let the stationary predators die.
Difficulty: Undergrad/Ph.D.

Selective Culling VirExtra
Kill the blue swimmers with Virocytes.
Extra: Keep the stationary predators alive
Difficulty: Ph.D.?/Mad Scientist?

Selective Culling Inverted
Kill all Photocytes Instead! :lol:
Keep the blue swimmers alive
Extra: Kill the Stationary Predators if possible
Difficulty: Undergrad/ Extra: Ph.D.

Cell Types Allowed: all

Cell Type Unlocked: Preferably Stereocytes

Maximum Cells Placed: 3

Extra Rules: You don't need to solve the extra challenge.

Post your solutions! I want to see the many ways to cull the swimmers!
P.S. :
I haven't solved the Selective Culling VirExtra, Only The Selective Culling.
ItS bEtTeR To bE DiViDeD By tRuTh, tHaN To bE UnItEd bY ErRoR.
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