Various Virocyte Challenges

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Various Virocyte Challenges

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I've been tinkering a bit with the Virocyte (have been playing CL on and off for a while but I've never actually messed with them) and I decided to set a few challenges for anyone who cares to try them out :D

1. Gene Suppression --- substrate

In the given substrate, a peculiar organism has appeared that seems to favor its pink variant rather than its blue one. Can you develop a virus that will suppress the pink variant but keep the blue one alive?

Difficulty: PhD

Max cells inserted: 1
Pink initial cells: 0
Blue initial cells: 100-
Conditions satisfied for: 200h

Cell types: Phagocyte, Devorocyte and Virocyte

Substrate starts at 78.0h

2. Artificial Enhancement --- substrate

These basic swimmers have been placed into an environment harsher than they can bare, and are soon to be extinct. Can you modify them to allow them to survive without using Flagellocytes in your genome?

Difficulty: PhD

Max cells inserted: 1
Infected initial cells: 100-
Conditions satisfied for: 250h

Cell types: All except Flagellocyte and Stemocyte (to avoid cell farting)

HINT (no peeking!): Try converting the dumb swimmers into smart swimmers...

Substrate starts at 1492.2h

3. Transgenesis --- substrate

The kite swimmers on this substrate have been decimated by the rogue predator species! Can you find a way to make the kite swimmers immune to the predators' attacks?

Difficulty: Superhuman AI (or pain in the backside, depending on your point of view)

Max cells inserted: 1
Light blue initial cells: 100-
Red initial cells: 0
Conditions satisfied for: 300h

Cell types: Lipocyte and Virocyte

SPECIAL RULE: You are allowed to use the Optical Tweezers and the Cell Boost tool in the substrate, but NO killing the predators one by one!!! That defeats the purpose of the challenge.

HINT 1: Look up the term transgenesis if you're stuck

HINT 2: To protect against the predators, the organism will need Keratinocytes. But as we don't have access to them, we must find them somewhere else in the substrate

Substrate starts at 97.2h

Good luck (o)
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